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Student Data Privacy

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Student data is necessary for an effective education system. Student data empowers parents and students as they map out their educational journey, supports high-quality teaching, drives personalized learning and underpins both teacher and school accountability.

Recently, student data privacy has become an issue debated by legislators as they create policies that decide how student data is collected, stored, used and shared. In the first half of 2015 alone, lawmakers in 45 states introduced more than 170 bills addressing the issue.

This policy area requires carefully balancing competing interests. On one hand building trust and empowering parents; and on the other providing teachers, school leaders, policymakers and innovators with information that can spur student achievement. To address this challenge, ExcelinEd is actively providing support to state policymakers as they work to modernize outdated laws and respond to the concerns of parents by advancing comprehensive, balanced student data privacy protections.

To assist states, ExcelinEd has recently developed: