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School Accountability

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A-F School Grading Drives Student Success

Transparent, objective school accountability spurs school improvement and increases student performance.

Parents deserve to know and understand how their child’s school is performing. The best way to do that is through a transparent, objective school accountability system. Federal law requires all states to publicly report school performance information, but unfortunately, most states use vague labels that are difficult to understand, such as “satisfactory” or “making progress,” and require an explanation. On the other hand, letter grades used in an A-F School Grading system recognizes success and exposes failure in a way that everyone can understand. This transparency is the catalyst for reform that improves student achievement.

ExcelinEd promotes an A-F school grading policy that measures what matters: overall student performance and progress, with extra focus on struggling students, and graduation rates and college and career readiness in high school. School grading works by holding all schools to the same high expectations and clearly communicating the results to parents.

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