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Every Student Succeeds Act

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Returning Authority to the States

A shift in K-12 public education authority from the federal government to the states, creating new opportunities for states to develop innovative approaches that enhance school performance.

ESSA reduces the federal role in education and shifts more authority to states and school systems. When fully implemented, ESSA will affect every public school in the nation and more than 50 million students attending these schools. Since becoming law, states have begun developing ESSA-compliant accountability systems while simultaneously capitalizing on new opportunities to support state innovations.

How ExcelinEd Can Help

States face an incredibly complex transition filled with both opportunities and potential perils. ExcelinEd is helping states set the stage for new opportunities and prepare to tackle new challenges. This includes:

  • Supporting states with resources and playbooks and answering technical questions related to accountability system design and the transition from waivers to those new accountability systems;
  • Identifying ways that new federal funds can support state reforms in areas including K-3 reading, college and career readiness and digital learning;
  • Supporting state efforts to participate in the U.S. Department of Education’s implementation of ESSA; and
  • Supporting state efforts to preserve rigorous standards and assessments and strong accountability systems during the transition to the new law.

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ExcelinEd Comments and Letters

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