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Early Literacy

From kindergarten through third grade, children are learning to read. Then in fourth grade, they transition to use reading to learn. The ability to read opens doors and opportunities that each child deserves. ExcelinEd’s comprehensive K-3 Reading policy was developed to ensure all students enter fourth grade with the foundational reading skills they will need to learn, graduate and succeed.

Education Funding

The way states fund student education can support forward-looking solutions or thwart progress with archaic and obsolete constraints. In many states, outdated funding formulas force districts to focus on inputs rather than the unique needs of each child. On the other hand, student-centered funding formulas are fair, transparent and promote local empowerment and choice.

Every Student Succeeds Act

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) reduces the federal role in education and shifts more authority to states and school systems. When fully implemented, ESSA will affect every public school in the nation and more than 50 million students attending these schools. Since becoming law, states have begun developing ESSA-compliant accountability systems while simultaneously capitalizing on new opportunities to support state innovations.

School Accountability

ExcelinEd promotes a school accountability policy that uses an A-F school grading system to measure what matters: overall student performance and progress, with extra focus on struggling students, and graduation rates and college and career readiness in high school. School grading works by holding all schools to the same high expectations and clearly communicating the results to parents.

School Report Cards

States should reinvent their school report cards to create a 21st-century, easy-to-use tool for empowering parents and students. ExcelinEd’s Know Your School Project offers extensive resources for states to update public reporting tools to reflect priorities, the breadth of school data and most importantly, be parent-friendly.