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Education choice opens doors and creates educational opportunity for families across the country by allowing them to choose the best educational fit for their children. Education choice includes open enrollment policies, public charter schools, vouchers, tax-credit scholarships and education scholarship accounts (or ESAs).

Public Education Choice

Every child deserves access to a quality education that provides the knowledge, skills and values necessary to prepare them for a success career and fulfilling life. Unfortunately, many children are residentially assigned to schools that don’t fit their unique needs and learning styles. Public school choice includes non-traditional schooling options like open enrollment public schools, public charter schools, magnet schools, home schooling and online learning.

Private Education Choice

Far too many children are assigned to schools that don’t fit their unique needs and learning styles. Private education choice provides an alternative to one-size-fits-all schooling and can support students in realizing their full potential. From education scholarship accounts to traditional private school scholarships, states across the country have adopted a suite of education choice programs to empower parents with options and improve student achievement both inside and outside of the traditional education system.

Choices in Ed Video Competition

The 2017 Choices in Education video competition elevated stories of school choice success from across the country and highlighted the value that choices in education bring to individuals, communities and education systems.

Hear from the winning families about how educational choice — whether  a different public school, charter, magnet, private school, virtual/blended, or homeschool — changed their lives.

Details on Specific Policies

Learn more about Public Charter Schools, Education Scholarship Accounts and Tax-Credit Scholarships.

Charter Schools

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools open to all students and held to state academic and financial standards. Unlike traditional public schools, however, charter schools are run independently of school districts and, instead, operate under a performance contract with an authorizer (a district, the state, or another approved entity). In exchange for more operational autonomy, charter schools are held accountable for student success.

Education Scholarship Accounts

Every child deserves an education that prepares them for a successful and fulfilling life. Unfortunately, far too many children are assigned to schools that don’t fit their unique needs and learning styles. Education scholarship accounts (ESAs) provide an alternative to the one-size-fits-all schooling that is keeping many students from realizing their full potential.

Tax-Credit Scholarships

Tax-credit scholarships are one of the fastest growing school choice programs. These programs incentivize individuals and businesses to donate to nonprofit organizations that provide tuition scholarships to eligible students. In exchange for their donations, donors receive a tax credit from the state—often a 100 percent, dollar-for-dollar credit. Through this process, tax-credit scholarship programs use entirely private funds to offer private school scholarships to families.