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ICYMI: Why Proficiency Testing Matters in Education

Proficiency matters. When states set low expectations for proficiency, they lead parents and teachers to believe students are performing better than they actually are. The results of this are disastrous for students. States can address this issue by setting higher cut scores on their new assessments.

Learn more in the following piece, co-authored by ExcelinEd’s Mike Thomas.

Why Proficiency Testing Matters in Education
The American Spectator
By: Mike Thomas, Gene J. Koprowski and Lennie Jarratt

….Each state determines proficiency standards for reading and math, and each state measures whether students are meeting them on annual tests. This means that, including the District of Columbia, we have 51 different markers for proficiency. The question then becomes whether each state is setting the bar high enough. In other words, when a student achieves a proficient score on a state test, is he in fact really proficient in the subject? Or was the test too easy or the passing score set too low in order to inflate results?

Expecting more of students is a difficult but necessary direction for all states. It is easier for political leaders and education bureaucracies to trumpet success than to explain failure. But when success is claimed but not achieved, children ultimately will pay the price.

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