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Survey Says: Parents Value Tax-Credit Scholarships


Over the years, I’ve heard from many parents who have recounted their journeys to find the best educational setting for their child. Listening to their stories has strengthened my belief that empowered parents lead to better outcomes for students. One of the best examples of this is Florida’s Tax-Credit Scholarship program.

Already this year, two studies on the nation’s largest tax-credit scholarship have shown that participating students demonstrate greater learning gains than similar peers and are more likely to attend college. In fact, the longer a student participates in the program, the greater the post-secondary benefit.

Now thanks to researchers at EdChoice, a new survey shows that the program is overwhelmingly valued by parents.

Researchers surveyed more than 14,000 parents, analyzing their responses to various questions about their experiences with the program.

More than nine in ten parents expressed satisfaction with the scholarship program. Similarly, 89 percent of parents were satisfied with the school their child attends because of a scholarship.

As leaders from across the country consider ways to improve student outcomes, I hope they will look to these survey results as proof that empowered parents lead to successful students.

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