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Statement from Patricia Levesque on FL State Board of Education

Tallahassee, Fla – Patricia Levesque, CEO of the Foundation for Excellence in Education today released the following statement on the Florida State Board of Education’s decision regarding Florida’s School Grading formula.

“Florida has become a national leader in student academic improvements, with its most disadvantaged children making the most progress. This came about because our state began measuring academic progress and holding schools accountable with a simple, transparent A-F grading system. School grades are a spotlight that both reward success and expose failure and mediocrity.

“A key to Florida’s remarkable success has always been setting high expectations for all our children. The last 16 years have proven that they can rise to those expectations.  Continuing this strategy will ensure a more prosperous future for our students and for our state.  School grades drive this process. But they are only effective inasmuch as they reflect actual student achievement and challenge schools to improve. They should be transparent and ensure that the success of all students is taken into account.

“We appreciate the State Board of Education’s commitment to Florida’s school grading system.  We look forward to working with them, legislators and educators on moving forward with policies that continue to raise expectations and better prepare all Sunshine State graduates for the challenges awaiting them.”