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Statement from Gov. Jeb Bush on Expanding Florida’s Family Empowerment Scholarships

Statement from Gov. Jeb Bush, Founder and Chairman of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signing House Bill 7067, which more than doubles the number of Family Empowerment Scholarships available to Florida families.

“Florida continues to be a national leader in educational opportunity for families and students.


“As our state and nation face historically challenging times, it is imperative that we help disadvantaged students access the educational setting that best fits their unique learning needs.


“By providing the nation’s largest and most robust array of educational options, Florida policymakers can be proud of continuing to invest in proven policies that best prepare students for success in school and in their future.”

This legislation:

  • Makes Family Empowerment Scholarships available to another 28,000 new students in the 2020-21 school year. The bill increases the number of scholarships each year by 1% of the state’s annual public school enrollment.
  • Raises the maximum income for eligibility, when more than 5% of total scholarships remain available, so more families can participate.
  • Allows students receiving a Florida Tax Credit Scholarship to remain in the program regardless of any increase in household income.

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