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What They Are Saying About Betsy DeVos – 1

Here are some thoughtful views on the nomination of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education and what it means for education reform nationwide:

“It’s disturbing that so many politicians can choose the best educational opportunities for their kids but refuse to allow underprivileged families the same benefit. For the fortunate and the clouted, there is school choice. For the families who need it the most, denied.”
Chicago Tribune, Editorial: Betsy DeVos vs. the education status quo

“DeVos is deeply committed to providing alternatives to public education through school choice, a theory of education reform that rests upon a belief that public education will improve if parents are provided a choice in schools.”
The Atlantic, The African American Roots of Betsy DeVos’s Education Platform

“DeVos has pledged to challenge the status quo interests in American education, where students are of the least concern to the adults who flourish under the current system. She intends to prioritize the needs of parents, providing them unfettered school choice options — including vouchers, educational savings accounts, homeschooling, etc. She understands that education succeeds when parents, not the state are the education architects of their own children’s futures.”
USA Today, Betsy DeVos v the bitter status quo: Column

“For decades, DeVos has devoted herself to creating alternatives to a public-school establishment that fails its most vulnerable students, and she earned the eternal enmity of defenders of the status quo in doing it.”
RealClear Politics, The Shameful War on Betsy DeVos

“The confirmation hearing for … Betsy DeVos, has moved school choice to America’s center stage, where it belongs. National School Choice Week, happening during the final week of January, will likely keep the momentum going, as millions of people call for education liberty at events across the country. The message is clear: We need school choice now more than ever.”
The American Spectator, With DeVos Hearing, School Choice Finally Takes Center Stage