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Support for DeVos Continues to Grow – WTAS 6

Here are some thoughtful views on the nomination of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education and what it means for education reform nationwide:
“More than 70 leaders and organizations, including the Foundation for Excellence in Education, joined the following open letter to show their support for Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education. Betsy DeVos is an undisputed champion of families and students. For nearly 30 years she has devoted time and resources to improving education options for our nation’s children. Yet millions still languish in failing schools in an education system more than a century old. It’s time for a new vision …”
Open Letter of Support for Betsy DeVos for U.S. Secretary of Education

“I believe we are truly measured by how we treat the most vulnerable among us. Betsy DeVos has met this character test.”
Letter from Ohio Governor John Kasich

“As a former teacher and school board member, as well as someone who worked for education reform alongside DeVos when I lived in Michigan 20 years ago, I cannot think of a better person to lead this influential federal department.”
Penn Live, Betsy DeVos is the right choice to run the Dept. of Education

“DeVos knows that competition is a force powerful enough to change a sector as big and change-resistant as American education.”
National Review, An Education Leader With One Big Idea

“During her confirmation hearing … DeVos illustrated the true passion she brings to education reform. She believes every child should get an exceptional education regardless of geography or income, and that decisions should be made at the local level.”
Detroit News, DeVos will build a stronger future for kids

“DeVos has advocated for both improving public schools and for providing another option to parents and students who feel trapped in the current system.”
Billings Gazette, DeVos will bring fresh perspective to education

“I believe Betsy DeVos has the talent, commitment, and leadership capacity to revitalize our public schools and deliver the promise of opportunity that excellent education provides.”
The Bronx Chronicle, Eva Moskowitz, CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools, Supports the Nomination of Betsy DeVos

“I was on the State Board of Education in Michigan for six years and never found a greater friend of Michigan’s children.”
Detroit Free Press, Betsy DeVos recognizes states know best on education