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Kentucky Unveils Great New Tool for Bluegrass Residents to Chart Education Paths to Careers

Tallahassee, Fla. – Kentucky Education Cabinet Secretary Hal Heiner and commonwealth leaders have unveiled the Kentucky Future Skills Report, a new interactive online tool to easily allow all residents to assess the future demand for jobs and the most practical paths to prepare for those opportunities.


“Kentucky’s leaders have created a wonderful tool for parents and students to match their interests with real information on job prospects and future wages so they can make informed choices on their career path.” – ExcelinEd Vice President of Advocacy Alex Kelly

The Kentucky Future Skills Report is based on three sets of data: historic workforce supply, current employment levels and future workforce demand. With the ability to look at geographic regions, expected salaries and the required education level needed, it is a highly effective and useful career preparation tool.

Kentucky’s Economic Security Report provides students and families with a snapshot of employment and earnings outcomes by degree and certificate.

Visit the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics for more information.