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ICYMI: Jeb Bush on Saving America’s Education System

Today, Governor Jeb Bush, Chair of ExcelinEd, dropped a truth bomb: America must massively disrupt its education system if we want to ensure long-term national and economic security.

Read Governor Bush’s latest piece in the National Review to learn just how states can save America’s education system.

Saving America’s Education System
National Review
By: Jeb Bush

As another school year ends and another $620 billion has been spent, it is a good time to consider the state of education in America.

Despite our spending more on education than almost any other industrialized nation in the world, wide achievement gaps remain. More than a million students languish on waiting lists for the chance to escape failing schools. And according to a recent study by The Education Trust, only 8 percent of U.S. high-school graduates are truly college or career ready…

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