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Help Communities, Educators and Students Recover from Hurricanes Michael and Florence

While weeks have passed since Hurricanes Michael and Florence devastated communities and families across the Southeast, including in my home state of Florida, the long road to recovery continues. It could take months or even years for some families, but there’s something you can do to accelerate hurricane recovery for those impacted by the storms.

Even after flood waters recede, power is restored and debris removed, many residents will still need help getting back on their feet. I saw that firsthand in Florida during the historic onslaught of hurricanes and tropical storms in our state in 2004 and 2005. I know that recovery is a costly and long-term challenge, not only for communities but for families as well.

Our most vulnerable families often are those with children. Natural disasters like hurricanes and floods create uncertainty and instability in their lives—from where they go to sleep at night to whether they can attend school. I pray every day for the safety and security of these young lives.

It’s been heartwarming to hear about individuals, school leaders, businesses and philanthropies making a difference for those impacted by these storms, but the need for help is far from over. I encourage you to continue supporting families impacted by Hurricanes Michael and Florence by considering a contribution to the organizations listed below that are aiding recovery.

Your help can make a difference as communities, educators and students recover from these catastrophic storms. Thank you, and God bless.

Jeb Bush
Founder and Chairman, ExcelinEd

Hurricane Recovery

To assist families and communities impacted by the recent hurricanes, contact the following charities:

Help for Teachers and Students

To provide books and other resources to children and educators affected by the recent hurricanes, consider the following options: