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Governor Edwards Signs Bill Strengthening Scholarship Program for Low Income Students

Governor John Bel Edwards recently signed a significant piece of student-friendly legislation into law, which will convert the state’s tax rebate scholarship program to a tax credit scholarship program.

This important law will strengthen the state’s scholarship program and ensure additional low-income families have the financial resources they need to choose the best school setting for their children.

Both Senate Education Chairman Sen. Dan W. “Blade” Morrish and Rep. Kirk Talbotchampioned Senate Bill 95 during the legislative process, demonstrating their commitment to increasing academic achievement, educational choice and student success.

More than 1,700 students are able to attend a school of their choosing through this program. Nationwide, tax credit scholarship programs provide quality educational options for more than 230,000 of America’s students most in need.

Thanks to the hard work of State Superintendent John White and legislative leaders, Louisiana has made significant gains toward providing all students with access to a quality education that will prepare them for success in the classroom and beyond.

Last month, Louisiana families participating in the state’s school scholarship programsgathered at the state capitol to thank lawmakers for expanding educational options for their children.

We thank legislative leaders for working to ensure every Louisiana student, regardless of income level, has the promise of a quality education and the hope of a bright future.


Patricia Levesque
ExcelinEd CEO