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Gov. Hutchinson Highlights Importance of Career Pathways and Early Literacy 

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson opened the 2018 Fiscal Session by delivering his State of the State Address where he highlighted the significant strides Arkansas has made in computer science and early literacy. He focused on the work his administration has done to create a top computer science program and directed continued financial support of the program and opportunities to expand it in the future.

Gov. Hutchinson also touted the Reading Initiative for Student Excellence, an effort to ensure all kids are reading on grade-level by creating a culture of reading in all students across Arkansas.

“Education is key to a strong economy and we’re taking a universal approach in preparing our students and future workforce. We promised computer science in every Arkansas high school, and we kept that promise—with the rest of the nation watching and many trying to follow our lead. Arkansas was the first state to require all public high schools to teach computer science with funding to train our teachers. Today, more than 6,000 high school students—from the Delta to Northwest Arkansas and at schools everywhere in between–are enrolled in computer science courses. National publications continue to proclaim Arkansas as the leader among states in computer science education.”

– Governor Asa Hutchinson

At the 2017 National Summit on Education Reform, founder Hadi Partovi used Arkansas as an example of what state leaders must do to transform an outdated education system to prepare all students for success in a technology-driven economy.

We thank Gov. Hutchinson for his continued support of early literacy and career pathways, and to ensuring every Arkansas child has access to a quality education.

To read Gov. Hutchinson’s full address, visit the 2018 Arkansas State of the State Address.