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Georgia Supreme Court Upholds Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Today, the Georgia Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision upholding the constitutionality of the state’s tax credit scholarship program, which serves more than 13,000 students a year.


“The Court’s unanimous ruling is a clear victory for parents in Georgia seeking better educational options for their children. With assurance from today’s ruling, Georgia leaders will have greater opportunities to expand this program to ensure that every student, regardless of income or zip code, has access to an education that prepares them for lifelong success.” — Patricia Levesque, ExcelinEd CEO


Further, the court reasoned that a tax credit funded scholarship program might “create a tax savings by relieving public schools of the burden of educating the students who chose to attend private schools.”

Georgia’s tax credit scholarship program has grown each year since it began in 2008. The program reaches the maximum amount it can accept in tax credit donations within the first few days of each calendar year.

Nationwide, tax credit scholarship programs provide quality educational options for more than 250,000 of America’s students. No tax credit scholarship program has ever been ruled unconstitutional by a state supreme court.