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Georgia Governor Stands Up for Students

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal vetoed SB 355, which would have created a formal, statewide mechanism for students to opt out of annual state assessments.

Testing shows whether individual students are on track to succeed, and how successful schools are in preparing students for the future. History shows that without giving teachers and schools this feedback on how students are doing, far too many students will fall through the cracks, with the majority of them being traditionally disadvantaged students most in need of a quality education. With today’s veto, Governor Deal demonstrated his commitment to improving Georgia’s education system for all students.

“It is evident that Governor Deal supports a high-quality education system, where clear and objective information is provided to parents and communities, and where there is a transparent and accountable measurement system to ensure students are learning and being prepared for college, career and life,” said Patricia Levesque, CEO for the Foundation for Excellence in Education.

Far from being a punitive measure, testing informs parents whether their children are gaining the necessary foundations of knowledge in the early grades, and are prepared to move on to college or a career in the later grades. Not knowing is not a solution for students, for parents, for schools or for the taxpayers who invest so heavily in public education. I commend Governor Deal for doing what is right for Georgia students.”



Fewer, Better Tests

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