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Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal Vetoes Bill that Would Have Harmed Students, Educators

Preserving accountability for educators and families and demonstrating his commitment to improving education for all students, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal today vetoed HB 425. The proposal would have harmed students and teachers by denying access to measurements that track progress on standardized assessments.

Maintaining a transparent and accountable measurement system is critical to ensuring students are on track to succeed in college and beyond – and indicates how successful schools are in preparing students for the future. History shows that without giving teachers and schools this feedback on how students are doing, far too many students will fall through the cracks. HB 425 would have formalized the process for students to be excluded from this important tool.

“Governor Deal has consistently supported a high-quality education system and his action today ensures clear and objective information is provided to parents and teachers. We applaud his leadership in vetoing this potentially damaging legislation for the second consecutive year.” – Patricia Levesque, Foundation for Excellence in Education.CEO