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ExcelinEd applauds NM Governor Martinez for championing an education-first budget

Dear Friend,

Yesterday, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez delivered her sixth State of the State address and offered bold initiatives to continue education reform in the state.

The Foundation for Excellence in Education (@ExcelinEd) applauds Governor Martinez for being a tireless champion for education. Governor Martinez is proposing greater inMartinez Quotevestments in New Mexico’s education system to provide needed resources for early learners and to attract and support great teachers. “You see, if we don’t get this part right – if our kids don’t learn to read, if we cannot graduate our students with basic knowledge and life skills – the ripple effects in their lives, in their children’s lives, and in society are potentially enormous,” the Governor said.

Education highlights in Governor Martinez remarks included:

  • K-3 Reading: Governor Martinez is proposing $10 million to launch “New Mexico Reads to Lead 2.0” to better target interventions for struggling readers. This initiative expands the Governor’s efforts to ensure every New Mexico student can read by the end of third grade. The Governor is also asking for an additional $7 million to give at-risk learners the tools they need to fulfill their God-given potential, including access to summer reading camps and more time in class.

Governor Martinez said, “…Because it’s an education that provides someone with hope that tomorrow can be better than today.” It will take all of us, working together, to build up our education system to make sure we are preparing our students for success in the future economy. Governor Martinez and the New Mexico Legislature are partners in this effort and we look forward to seeing these recommendations become a reality.

Thank you for your continued support.


J. Alex Kelly

Vice President of Advocacy

The Foundation for Excellence in Education