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New ‘Playbook’ Provides Essential Guidance on Interventions to Assist Georgia’s Low-Performing Schools

I am pleased to share ExcelinEd’s latest report, Implementing School Interventions in Georgia. This customized guide provides timely and proven assistance as communities and state leaders consider school turnaround options this year.
The playbook helps state policymakers identify how to leverage flexibility within the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and support a rigorous, state-level strategy for turning around low-performing schools.

Four strategies may hold the key to quickly turning around a state’s lowest-performing schools:

  1. Ensure that districts’ school improvement plans required under ESSA include evidence-based interventions, compact timelines, outcomes-based measures of success and meaningful consequences from the state if schools fail to improve.
  2. Consider using federal school improvement funds to host a competitive grant targeting districts that are willing to implement rigorous, evidence-based interventions.
  3. Provide alternatives to persistently low-performing schools by encouraging charter school expansion, attracting high-quality charter operators and promoting community engagement.
  4. Create the conditions that can help enable school improvement across the board, including weighted student funding, high-quality teacher and leader pipelines and integrated student services.

I hope this playbook is a useful guide in navigating the transition to ESSA and considering proven policies that lead to rising student achievement.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you for all you do to help Georgia’s students succeed.



Ryan Mahoney
Southeast Regional Advocacy Director
ExcelinEd | ExcelinEd in Action | 404.403.0538