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DeVos Support Comes From All 50 States – WTAS 7

Here are some thoughtful views on the nomination of Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education and what it means for education reform nationwide:

“Betsy DeVos will put children first and empower not only states to lead the way in making critical education decisions, but also empower parents to choose what type of education is best for their children.”
Letter From State-level Elected Leaders in all 50 States Supporting Betsy DeVos

“After years of talk about reform, families across the country may finally have the chance to take charge and build a better future for their children. Confirming Betsy DeVos would come at an important time for those who wish to translate these dreams into reality.”
The Hill, Betsy DeVos will bring opportunity, fairness to education

“She’s right about charter schools, and the evidence says so … She’s right about helping low-income people have the same choice rich people do about where their kids go to school.”
WLFI, Former Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels Weighs in on Education Pick

“DeVos is a change agent who will provide the much-needed reforms. How do I know? Because I have witnessed first-hand her partnership with other change agents.”
Real Clear Education, Florida’s Example Shows Why DeVos Is the Right Choice

“I was on the State Board of Education in Michigan for six years and never found a greater friend of Michigan’s children.”
Detroit Free Press, Betsy DeVos recognizes states know best on education