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Governor Hickenlooper Outlines Vision to Prepare Students for Workforce Success

During yesterday’s state of the state address, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper challenged state leaders to renew their commitment to quality education in Colorado and ensure all students graduate ready for success in college and/or careers.

Governor Hickenlooper also thanked business and philanthropic leaders for investing in career and technical education to narrow the state’s “skills gap.”

“Closing the gap means giving students a solid foundation for success at every step of their education, as they move from preschool through K-12, toward college, certificate or apprenticeship and onto a good job.”

Business-led groups, including Colorado Succeeds, have been instrumental in supporting Governor Hickenlooper’s mission to better prepare students with the skills needed for success in the 21st-century workforce.

To read Governor Hickenlooper’s full remarks, visit 2017 Colorado State of the State Address.

To learn more about college and career pathways, visit ExcelinEd’s Policy Library.






J. Alex Kelly
Vice President of Advocacy