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Vice President of Advocacy

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer 

Category: Full-time, salaried, at-will employee 

Location:Tallahassee, Florida or Washington, D.C. preferable 

Job Summary: 

The Vice President of Advocacy directs the organization’s state advocacy program with governor’s offices, state legislatures, state departments of education and state and national-level education advocacy partners across the nation. The Vice President manages an 11-person advocacy team, and interfaces daily with the CEO and executive team to develop and provide strategic support to state leaders and local advocates on advancing student-centered education policy that transforms education for the 21st century. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:  

  • Develops and executes the organization’s national and state-specific advocacy strategies for advancing student-centered education policies.    
  • Supports states in advancing education policies aligned with state needs and context through the adoption and implementation of legislation or executive actions.     
  • Communicates with state leaders and education advocates to provide strategic advice and support on policy development, adoption and implementation.   
  • Designs the organization’s state advocacy action plans annually; prioritizes and directs state engagement for maximum effectiveness and impact; achieves state advocacy action plan outcome goals.  
  • Recommends annual investments in paid advocacy strategies to advance the c4 organization’s legislative agenda.   
  • Triages support requests from states and makes recommendations on resource commitments.   
  • Coordinates with the Vice President and National Director of Policy to analyze legislation and administrative rules and provide expert testimony that advances the organization’s policy agenda.   
  • Builds and manages state and national partner relationships and participates in donor outreach to maintain and strengthen relationships.    
  • Oversees lawmaker and policymaker engagement to achieve National Summit on Education annual scholarship attendee goals.  
  • Represents the Foundation at state and national events.   
  • Manages the tracking of state advocacy outcomes, deliverables and legislative impact for grant, board and organizational reporting.   
  • Directs the development of briefing materials for state leaders, candidates, the Board Chairman and CEO. Conducts briefings upon request.   

Preferred Skills/Qualifications:   

  • Ability to speak publicly, often before legislators  
  • Strong organizational, management, relationship-building and teamwork skills  
  • Strong writing and communication skills  
  • Strong knowledge of and commitment to advocate for student-centered education policies  
  • High level of knowledge of education policy and state-level politics  
  • Strong understanding of political and legislative processes  


The position requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent with at least five years of experience in campaign management, state-level advocacy and/or working in the legislative or executive branch of government. A background in Social Science, Political Science, Public Administration, Public Policy and/or an associated subject is desirable. 

To Apply

Please submit your resume to Carrie Jenkins at You will be contacted if selected for further consideration.