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College & Career Pathways

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Preparing Students for Success in the 21st Century

Policies that provide information, incentives and access to advanced courses and certifications to prepare students for higher education and the workforce.

Too many of our nation’s students are unprepared for the challenges they will face after high school. As a result, students are spending more on college for remedial courses, they are unprepared for careers so jobs are left unfilled, and states—and our nation—are experiencing unrealized economic growth.

College and career pathway policies can bring purpose to learning by allowing students to earn authenticated skill sets informed by labor market demand and ensuring more rigorous courses are available and incentivized for all students.

ExcelinEd promotes proven policies that best equip students for the rigors of the college classroom and align career training and credentials to workforce need. The model includes:

  • Increasing students’ access to Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, dual enrollment courses, in-demand, industry certifications and associate degrees during K-12.
  • Rewarding schools and teachers for student success in earning college credit and industry certifications tied to labor market demand.
  • Informing teachers, parents and students about the multiple options to career success.