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College & Career Pathways

Our nation’s failure to educate its students leaves many of them unprepared for the challenges they will face after high school, and this failure also threatens the country’s ability to thrive in a global economy. ExcelinEd promotes comprehensive policies that create college and career pathways to best equip students for the rigors of the college classroom and the labor market.

Course Access

Learner-centered education requires broad access to high-quality coursework. Yet too many schools and districts are unable to offer critical courses necessary for college and career readiness. Course access can help states to fill those gaps by creating a centralized delivery system for high-need courses from a range of high-quality providers. Schools can engage with students to provide the courses that best meet their needs and pathway goals, without being limited by geography or capacity.

Next Generation Learning

In an education system that promotes next generation learning for mastery, individual students progress as learning expectations are met—rather than progressing based on a predetermined curriculum schedule, seat-time or student age. Students can accelerate through concepts and skills they have mastered while receiving more time and support in other areas. This approach comprehensively rethinks the instructional model and includes fundamental changes in schedules, calendars, assessment and grading.