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FL Testing Page

Testing Empowers Parents

Florida students take the Florida Standards Assessments to objectively measure the knowledge and skills they have gained during the school year.

While these tests might not be perfect, they do provide clear, consistent and objective information that helps you and other Florida parents understand how your children and their schools are doing.

Every child from Pensacola to Orange Park to Key West, deserves the chance to pursue their dreams and work in good jobs. To access these opportunities, they will need a high-quality education. Yet today, there are 600,000 vacant American manufacturing jobs due to the lack of qualified applicants—this is a clear sign that our education system is not adequately equipping students with necessary skills.

We must not fail to prepare our children for the real world. Each Florida student deserves access to a quality education and the life-changing opportunities it offers.

Information from Florida’s assessments empowers you and your child’s teachers to ensure students are on track and learning the skills necessary to be successful. Better-informed parents mean better-prepared kids, and that’s a win for everyone!

While tests are important, they shouldn’t be the focus of a student’s classroom experience.

We believe:

  • Districts leaders should continue to:
    • Cut back on the local tests they control;
    • Ensure tests are given only to the students who need them; and
    • See that teachers and parents receive test results in a useful and timely manner.
  • States should continue to identify and eliminate any duplicate testing.



  1. Florida students now annually take improved tests that are aligned to the new, tougher Florida Standards. These assessments focus on whether students understand concepts and are gaining critical thinking skills.

  2. Recent state policy changes have removed duplicative End-of-Course (EOC) testing at the local level by prohibiting local final assessments in subjects tested with a statewide EOC exam.

  3. One test on one day never determines whether a child is promoted to the next grade.

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Parents Say It Best

  • Central Florida mom Janet Bell says, “Using tests to measure my kids’ progress helped us act on their behalf.”
  • Mark Lee, parent of a ninth-grade Florida student says, “…Even in college, students have to take tests. Thus learning how to study well and take tests will be invaluable skills to demonstrate academic competence. Students who wish to enter professions such as law and medicine will have to take licensing exams such as the bar and medical board exams to demonstrate their professional competence.”
  • In Education Post, Greg Harris says, “Standardized tests are nothing new to education, but those aligned with new standards represent a major maturation of testing with an emphasis on thoughtfulness over regurgitation of memorized facts.”
  • In Education Post, Erika Sanzi says, “I am left wondering why they have changed course and strayed from their usual mantra of “just do your best.”
  • Greg Perkins, parent of a Florida high school student, says that without tests, “Our schools would look like a ship without a rudder. Data is the key to determining how effective schools are performing. If we did not have testing, only those students who are intrinsically motivated would benefit from our educational system. Testing is nothing more than a review of what you actually know; however, testing should be designed to demonstrate student learning as opposed to making them feel anxious and unintelligent.”
  • Florida mom and Orlando Sentinel columnist Beth Kassab asks, “What has a bigger consequence for a child's life? Taking a test that shows she needs help and then providing that help? Or letting her pass through a system that does very little to prepare her for life?”

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