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Fewer, Better Tests



Nationwide, teachers are preparing and delivering lessons while students work diligently to learn new concepts and skills. Along the way, students will take a test to measure what they learned. These tests are important for many reasons.

Parents deserve to know how their kids’ schools are doing—plain and simple. Only standardized test scores can provide parents with clear, consistent and objective information about how their kids are doing compared to other students across the state and across the nation. This information empowers parents to hold schools accountable and improve the quality of education in their schools.

Our kids deserve the opportunity to be prepared for good jobs. To get those jobs, they need the right skills. Test results arm parents with the information to ensure their kids don’t fall behind—and better-informed parents mean better-prepared kids.

Tests are a regular part of life. No one likes the stress of a test, but managing that stress is an important part of real-world success. Whether you’re punching a clock, performing surgery, reporting to a board or taking a law school admissions test, stress is a part of life our kids need to prepare for.

While tests are important, they shouldn’t be the focus of a student’s classroom experience. They need to serve a purpose and not simply take up valuable classroom time.

An improved approach to testing would achieve these five important goals:

  1. Provide more time for instruction.
  2. Streamline state and district assessments.
  3. Empower teachers with useable and timely information.
  4. Provide parents with better information.
  5. Innovate.




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