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Turn and Face the Strain



Turn and Face the Strain: Age Demographic Change and the Near Future of American Education outlines a fierce battle looming between the needs of public health care and education. A crisis is fast approaching that makes comprehensive improvement of America’s public schools more important than ever.

Faced with rapidly expanding populations of the young and the old, working age taxpayers will experience the growing strain of insufficient tax revenue to fund public services from now until the foreseeable future. One solution to the crisis: an American education system that leads to a college and career-ready generation prepared for high-wage job earnings in a competitive global economy.
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Arizona’s Demographic Haboob on the Horizon

FEIE_AZThe approach of a haboob in arid regions such as Arizona inspires both awe and concern. Arizona is currently facing an age haboob that will extend past 2030, with an increasing age dependency ratio that will have significant impact on the rate of demographic growth and increase demands on health and education spending.

What strategies can Arizona look toward to help quell this demographic haboob? Dr. Matthew Ladner’s research paper analyzes the current status in Arizona and looks at opportunities to innovate and prepare for a brighter future.

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Florida Storms Approaching the Sunshine State

FEIE_FLFor the next 15 years, Florida will be adding old and young people to its population at a much faster rate than working-age residents. Known as “Hurricane Gray,” age demographic change will have a large impact on public life and will require an update of the American social welfare state. Florida already faces the highest age demography ratio in the nation – that will only continue to increase past 2030.

Florida has a history of successfully increasing the productivity of spending in K-12 education. This analysis by Dr. Matthew Ladner looks at the demographic challenges facing Florida but also strategies to substantially improve the academic quality of the state’s K-12 schools at a price taxpayers can afford.

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Georgia at the Intersection of Education and Aging

GeorgiaDependencyGeorgia has made progress in advancing student achievement. But still, too many teenagers are leaving school unprepared for college or a high-paying career. Their potential is limited, not by innate ability, but by the ability of schools to fully tap into it.

Now at the intersection of education and aging, Georgia is looking for bold and innovative ways to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges. This could be the beginning of the strategic change that will protect and preserve Georgia from the coming storm.

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Record Breaking Heatwave Heading for North Carolina

Over the next 15 years, North Carolina’s baby boomers will retire and send their grandchildren off to school. By 2030, the United States Census Bureau projects North Carolina’s percentage of elderly residents to closely resemble that of contemporary Florida. Simultaneously, the Census Bureau projects North Carolina to add hundreds of thousands of school aged children.

What can help cool this imminent heatwave heading for North Carolina? Dr. Ladner’s new research answers this question through strategies that improve academic quality in a way taxpayers can afford.

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Hurricane Gray Swirls Toward South Carolina

SC Dependency RatioAmerica is witnessing profound changes in the age makeup of its population. Put simply there are more grandparents and grandchildren, with fewer people in-between.

What does that mean for South Carolina? This analysis contains new research on the demographic challenges facing South Carolina, and also strategies for substantially improving the academic quality of the state’s K-12 schools at a price taxpayers can afford.

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Turn and Face the Strain: Age Demographic Change and the Near Future of American Education was developed through a partnership between the Foundation for Excellence in Education and the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, two of the foremost leaders in education reform policy and research.