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Your Voice Matters This School Year

• Patricia Levesque


As a parent of two school-age children, I know how important this time of year is. With vacations behind us and the summer pleasures of cookouts and camps coming to an end, my family and I have turned our attention to the school year ahead. We are ready!

It’s my fervent hope that in the coming weeks, all children will start school in an environment where they will learn and thrive. Yet I know that will not be the case. Parents who have no options for their children may be sending them into crowded classrooms with overburdened teachers and into another year of slipping below grade-level learning where they risk giving up and dropping out—a likely path to a dismal future.

I don’t want that for any child, which is why I am committed to change. ExcelinEd is bringing policies to states that will have immediate and significant impacts on student achievement. From innovative approaches to learning, better ways to fund schools, meaningful ways to expand educational choice and thoughtful ways to improve accountability—ExcelinEd’s mission is to transform education into a student-centered, parent-empowered and teacher-supported learning environment.

I hope you will join us in this work, even within your own family. Never forget that every voice to improve education is an important one, whether at school meetings, teacher conferences or guiding your kids to practice kindness and do their best work.

There’s no magic wand for education reform, of course. But with millions of people pulling in the same direction, our education systems will transform. And the sooner they do, the sooner every child in our country will wake up on the first day of school and have something amazing to look forward to.

Here’s to a great school year ahead.

About the author

Patricia Levesque @levesquepat

Patricia is the Chief Executive Officer for the Foundation for Excellence in Education. She served as Governor Jeb Bush’s deputy chief of staff for education, enterprise solutions for government, minority procurement, and business and professional regulation. Previously, Patricia served six years in the Florida Legislature in the Speakers Office and as staff director over education policy. Contact Patricia at