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Who is your Mrs. Bee?

• Mary Laura Bragg

I am grateful for Mrs. Bee for so many reasons.

I am grateful for Mrs. Bee because she told me that it’s okay that my daughter Maggie has to move her clip down on the behavior chart once or twice a week. She says that Maggie has this spunk that lights up the room and makes people laugh and she’s only six, so I should cut her some slack.

I am grateful for Mrs. Bee because I’m that parent that is a complete mess, who never remembers to send in the field trip form, or the book fair list, or the <insert “please bring” item here>, yet she answers every last-minute frantic email, because she knows I’m a working mom who is doing the best I can.

Mrs. BeeI am grateful for Mrs. Bee because she worked with me on a strategy on how to help my child who freezes up in front of an audience of adults.

I am grateful for Mrs. Bee because she is so skilled at dealing with parents who are sending their first child to “real” school.

I am grateful for Mrs. Bee because she puts up with the teacher in me. (It’s hard to teach a teacher’s kid – I know this first hand.)

I am grateful for Mrs. Bee because she is the master of organized chaos.

But I love Mrs. Bee, too.

I love Mrs. Bee because she is teaching my precious child how to read, while at the same time telling me that it’s okay that Maggie still stumbles over some words.

I love Mrs. Bee because she knows Maggie loves tigers and cheetahs and leopards and panthers and lions and gives her books to read about them.

I love Mrs. Bee because Maggie loves her, and because of Mrs. Bee, Maggie loves school and loves to learn.

And I love Mrs. Bee because she loves Maggie.

Everyone has had a Mrs. Bee in their life. You should make sure and thank her.

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About the author

Mary Laura Bragg

Mary Laura serves as the Interim Vice President of Advocacy for the Foundation for Excellence in Education. A former classroom teacher, Mary Laura directed Governor Jeb Bush’s statewide literacy initiative, Just Read, Florida! As director, she was responsible for crafting and implementing the policies that helped place a command focus on reading instruction in Florida. She has served on advisory groups on adolescent literacy for both the Alliance for Excellent Education and the National Governors Association. She is also a member of Carnegie Corporation of New York’s Advisory Council on Advancing Adolescent Literacy. Contact Mary Laura at