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What They Are Really Saying About Common Core State Standards

• Kristy Campbell

Despite continued misinformation about the Common Core State Standards, support for the new high academic standards is building across America.

Here’s the latest from states around the nation:

Republican Carlos Curbelo of the Miami-Dade School Board: “The CCSS do not indoctrinate children. They do not establish a national curriculum, and they do not threaten student privacy in any way. The CCSS do not require that teachers use any specific materials, books, or even teaching methods. In short, the CCSS are not part of a vast left-wing conspiracy to curtail parental rights and brainwash our children. Instead, they seek to guarantee every parent that no matter where in America their child is learning, they will receive a quality education and acquire the skills necessary to attend a post-secondary institution or join the workforce.” (Carlos Curbelo, “Support Common Core Standards,” Miami Herald, 6/2/13)

Kansas House of Representatives Upholds High Academic Standards: “Sen. Steve Abrams, an Arkansas City Republican…said to pull the plug on two or three years of work in those areas doesn’t make fiscal sense…” (Tim Carpenter, “House narrowly defeats late Common Core challenge,” Topeka Capital-Journal, 6/1/13)

Idaho Statesman Editorial Urges Support for Common Core: So here is our standard for deciding to support Common Core/Idaho Core Standards: It promotes engaging students to exercise critical thinking with their accumulated knowledge. In today’s world it is not enough to know math and operate a calculator. Students must continue to develop basic math skills, but at the same time be challenged to apply skills to ‘make change’ in a retail setting or ‘make a financial forecast’ in a business setting.” (Editorial Board, “Common Core Reform Only Common Sense,” Idaho Statesman, 6/1/13)

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R – MI) Calls for Support for Common Core: “We really need to get the facts out of what Common Core is all about. It’s an initiative by governors to make us competitive on a global basis. The federal government has nothing to do with common core. We need to clarify that.” (Kathleen Gray, “Jeb Bush talks education reform,” Detroit Free Press, 5/29/13)

Want to learn more about Common Core State Standards? Visit the Foundation for Excellence in Education. But, don’t just take our word for it. Take a moment to read the actual standards at


About the author

Kristy Campbell @kristymcampbell

Kristy Campbell most recently served as the Deputy Communications Director for Media Affairs for the Romney-Ryan 2012 Presidential Campaign. Prior to joining the Romney Campaign, Kristy served as the National Communications Director of the American Conservative Union, America’s oldest and largest grassroots conservative organization and the host of CPAC – the Conservative Political Action Conference. In 2011, Kristy served as a Senior Transition Advisor to New Mexico Public Education Secretary-Designate Hanna Skandera in Governor Susana Martinez’s Administration. Previously, Kristy served as the Communications Director for both the Foundation for Excellence in Education and the Foundation for Florida’s Future. Kristy also formerly served as Press Secretary to Florida Governor Jeb Bush during his second term and was the Communications Director for former Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum’s 2010 gubernatorial bid in the Sunshine State.