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We give thanks for teachers — the first responders in our schools

• Kristin Lock

As the social media manager for the Foundation for Excellence in Education, I have struggled the past several days as to the appropriate manner to ease back into the conversation that takes place on a second-by-second moment in the world of social media.

Last week, we extended our condolences to the families, teachers and students who were affected by the horrific shooting in Connecticut. And then we remained silent.

Nothing else seemed important. Nothing else compared. Anything else we could say would pale in comparison to the raw emotion and reactions that came in response to the shooting.

Here we are almost 5 days later and I still feel uncomfortable tweeting.

At the Foundation, our mission is to ignite a movement of reform, state by state, to transform education for the 21st century and our vision is for an education system that maximizes every student’s potential for learning and prepares all students for success.

Children. They are the driving force behind what we do. Our mission day in and out is for them; we have them in mind.

Our hearts break for those whose lives were taken far too soon.

In addition, we know that teachers all across this nation walk into classrooms each and every day ready to give their time, their knowledge, and their care. They never imagine giving their life yet, as those at Sandy Hook proved, they wouldn’t think twice about doing so to protect their students.

To those teachers about to finish out this semester with your students, we applaud you. We are grateful for your time and dedication to making sure each student receives the best education we can offer them.

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