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Washington Post: Teachers Unions Threaten Common Core Implementation

• ExcelinEd

After years of support of the Common Core State Standards and stronger academic standards in general, teachers’ unions are reversing course. They are rejecting the standards, apparently as part of a strategy to shirk meaningful accountability as well.  On Sunday, The Washington Post’s Editorial Board called out the teachers’ unions for their misplaced objections:

“In many places, officials are saying that teachers should be evaluated in part on how well they are teaching, with good teachers being rewarded.

“That’s the source of union objections. The critique about process is a straw man for the main objection: use of test results as a factor in evaluating teacher effectiveness. Union officials object even though what’s being measured is student improvement, not absolute levels, so no teacher would be held responsible for a child’s deficient home situation or background, and even though no one is proposing to count test results for more than half of an overall evaluation. It appears high standards are fine until they are about to be implemented.”

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