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Video: What grade would your school earn?

• ExcelinEd

Everyone understands the difference between an A and an F, but what about a Level 5 and a Level 1?

School accountability systems are intended to increase student performance by providing transparent, objective information about school effectiveness. But many states use vague labels that are difficult to translate.

In 1999, Florida made the revolutionary decision to grade schools on an A-F scale just like students – no further explanation needed.

Behind the simplicity is a data-driven system of accountability. A-F school grades measure what matters most: overall performance, graduation rates and student progress, with extra focus on those students struggling the most.

School grading works by holding all schools to the same high standards and transparency, and clearly communicating that information to parents. Because grades are based on students’ academic success, they shine a bright light on a school’s effectiveness. And that creates a catalyst for change.

Watch the video above and visit ExcelinEd’s Policy Library to learn how A-F school grading is making a difference in more than a dozen states.

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