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VIDEO: Take a Look at what is Possible in Public School Education

• ExcelinEd

Imagine a future where every student receives an excellent education—an education uninhibited by geography, on-site resources, school size, or available books and teachers.

These life-changing learning opportunities are within reach.

Course Access is a state-level policy that allows students to supplement the traditional classroom experience with new tools, such as online education, partnerships with trade schools and college classes. And Course Access is already providing solutions that allow states, school districts and communities to innovate to solve their unique educational challenges.

ExcelinEd is introducing a new video series to give viewers a closer look at Course Access programs in leading districts and highlight how these programs are reimagining what is possible in public school education.

Our first video, Reimagining Education Through Course Access, introduces Course Access and some of the faces of those impacted by expanded choices.

For example, Laura Wilson, a graduate of Texas’s Guthrie School, was able to accelerate learning in English and history while in high school because of Course Access options.

“She was able to work here at school on her English class when her other classmates were taking English face-to-face,” her mother, Buffy Wilson, explains. “The combination of the two–the online learning and the face-to-face classrooms has completely reimagined education for us. Laura got the best of both worlds.”

Watch the complete video below, and please share to help us promote Course Access, an education without boundaries.

Course Access Screenshot

 ExcelinEd’s Course Access video series is based on a recent white paper, Leading in an Era of Change: On the Ground, authored by ExcelinEd and EducationCounsel.


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