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Video: Dr. Eva Moskowitz Encourages Bold, Fast Action

• Sam Duell

Last month, ExcelinEd hosted a thousand state and national policymakers, education leaders and advocates at the 2018 National Summit on Education Reform (#EIE18). Today, we’ve released videos of keynote speaker Dr. Eva Moskowitz.

Moskowitz founded the first Success Academy Charter School in 2006. Today, Success Academy serves 15,500 students across 30 schools in New York City; 75 percent of whom qualify for free or reduced-priced lunch and 87 percent of whom identify as children of color. They are the seventh largest school-district in New York state and number one in student achievement.

In 2018, 17,700 children lined up for 3,288 open Success Academy seats. This means that for every child who enrolled in new seats at Success, five students who hoped to enroll were placed on a waiting list.

“We have a limited amount of time to solve this problem,” Moskowitz said, “and so we’re going to have to be bolder. We’re going to have to go faster in order to solve the educational crisis we’re in.”

One-Minute Highlights Video

Highlights from Dr. Moskowitz’s opening keynote at the 2018 National Summit on Education Reform.

Full Keynote Address

Full-length recording of Dr. Moskowitz’s opening keynote at the 2018 National Summit on Education Reform.

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About the author

Sam Duell

Before Sam joined ExcelinEd as the Associate Policy Director for Charter Schools, he was a special education teacher, a school and central office administrator, the Executive Director of School Choice at Oklahoma’s department of education and the Managing Director of OPSRC’s Education Collaborative. In every position, Sam worked creatively to meet student needs. He founded the Integrated Support Program at Fischer Middle School in San Jose, California to increase the number and percentage of students with learning disabilities who have access to the general education classroom. He was the first administrator of Oklahoma’s Statewide Virtual Charter School Board, the authorizer for online schools in Oklahoma. And he co-founded a statewide afterschool network called the Oklahoma Partnership for Expanded Learning to organize and advocate for expanded learning opportunities after school and during the summer. Sam’s current interests include charter schools and their role in a functional, thriving democracy.