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Tricia Shelton: Where is she now?

• ExcelinEd

Deciding what school will work best for one child can be challenging enough. Can you imagine having to do it for three children? Tricia Shelton—now a mother of three, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania—was one of the finalists in ExcelinEd’s 2017 Choices in Education Video Competition. In the video she submitted for the competition, Tricia Shelton described the benefits of the charter school her son, Matti, who has autism, attends. She shared that school choice led to the first school experience that has looked past his disability.

Two years later, with two more children in the family, Tricia searched for schools for them, too. Because of school choice, Tricia had the incredible opportunity to send her kids to different schools that are a best fit for each of their unique needs. In the end, this has had a significant influence on their success, and she foresees them continuing to flourish in the future.

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