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Our Top Choices for Choice News

• ExcelinEd

There has been lots of news and discussion about school choice this month. And so we decided to compile our own list of greatest hits.

Read what The Washington Post editorial board has to say about attempts by public school officials to limit competition from a quality charter school in the District of Columbia.

“Plans by a well-regarded charter school organization to open a science-themed school in the District near a similarly themed traditional school has angered some school system officials. That’s not surprising since competition generally tends to make people feel threatened. But competition is also healthy, spurring extra effort and better performance. That, in fact, has been one effect of the burgeoning charter school sector on public education in the city, and it is why proposals to limit charter schools should be rejected.”

Where do we get more bang for our education dollar? A comprehensive, new report from the Department of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas gives some insight by comparing funding levels and NAEP scores for charter schools and traditional public schools.

A columnist at the Indianapolis Star argues that the debate over vouchers should center on opportunity, not money.

“The debate over the cost of a voucher program should come somewhere after questions such as: Are more children getting better educations? And, are vouchers providing more families with educational choices that they wouldn’t otherwise have?”

The incoming president of the Florida Senate has strong words for the state teachers union, which is trying to block education savings accounts for students with disabilities.

“The union bosses can spin the lawsuit however they want. But the bottom line is this: They view every opportunity that gives parents freedom to make education choices as a threat to their power. They are advocates for their union, not your children.”

A single mother in Boston writes in support of charter schools:

“Communities of color are still fighting for a fair shot.’’

Celebrating 30 percent less money and 100 percent college enrollment at the Neuse Charter School in North Carolina.

“Most families who have opted to bring their children to Neuse Charter School have done so despite the inconvenient school commute. They realize the benefits.”

And lastly, got milk?

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