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The Results Are In: Teachers Support Common Core

• ExcelinEd

As 45 states across the country implement bold education reform in the form of world-class academic standards, we are hearing a lot of feedback from some of the individuals affected most by the Common Core initiative – America’s teachers.

For those who don’t know, Common Core is a state-driven, voluntary initiative that sets standards defining what students need to know in K-12 grades. They are rigorous, streamlined, relevant and better prepare students for college and the workforce.  Most importantly, Common Core standards will challenge students to read critically, write extensively and solve real-world math problems at greater capacity, raising the bar for all students and resulting in a more valuable education.

In addition to the 42 million students in schools adopting Common Core State Standards, 2.7 million educators across the nation will now be teaching to these new high academic bars.  Fortunately, the results are in – teachers overwhelmingly support Common Core State Standards.

A recent national survey of public school teachers in states across the country found:

  • 73 percent of teachers surveyed have a favorable view of Common Core State Standards. 
  • 74 percent of teachers surveyed support their state’s decision to adopt Common Core State Standards.
  • 77 percent of teachers surveyed say their state is already teaching to Common Core standards. 
  • 82 percent of teachers surveyed use data from standardized test results to inform how they teach students in their classrooms. 
  • 84 percent of teachers surveyed are more supportive of tests aligned to Common Core State Standards that more effectively measure higher-level critical thinking skills.

These numbers are incredible, but not surprising. Teacher support for Common Core makes perfect sense in light of the fact that standards are an area in which teachers are experts – they see from year to year how much students learn and what knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in future grades, college and the workforce.

Teachers know the standards will help guarantee our students are prepared to succeed in the 21st century global economy.

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