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Separating Common Core Myths from Reality

• ExcelinEd

For years, results from international assessments have delivered a consistent message: American students are falling behind their peers in other countries in math, science and even reading. While academic progress has stagnated here, other nations—particularly those in Asia—are moving forward, in large part because they set higher standards for their students.

To address this issue, state leaders began working together in 2008 to create higher standards in math and English language arts for our classrooms. Known as the Common Core State Standards, many states have been implementing them since 2010.

ExcelinEd believes in a healthy, informed discussion on an issue this important. And so we have created this simple infographic to separate myth from reality in the debate over Common Core.

We hope you will take the time to learn the facts, and support a strong majority of educators who support the higher standards.

We encourage anyone with questions to visit our website on the Common Core State Standards.

Read the standards. Learn more about them and how they affect your state if it has adopted them. And learn why high standards are critical if America is once again to become a world leader in education.

Myth vs Reality Infographic (Modified for 5-22-14 blog)

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