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RedefinED — Report: Achievement gaps smaller among Florida charter school students

• ExcelinEd

Our friends over at redefinED published a post highlighting the success Florida’s charters schools have had at closing achievement gaps. While Florida has made progress in closing achievement gaps, being the only state to make statistically significant progress on the White-Black achievement gap in all four NAEP exams between 2003 and 2013 (fourth- and eighth-grade reading and math exams), Florida’s charter schools are doing an even better job at closing achievement gaps than traditional district schools.

Achievement gaps are smaller for Florida’s charter school students than for their peers in traditional public schools, according to the state Department of Education’s latest state-mandated report comparing their student achievement.


Like previous years’ reports, the latest results show charter schools outperforming their district-run counterparts on a range of measures, scoring higher and making larger gains in most of the department’s comparisons. Of the 177 comparisons in the report, more than 150 gave charter schools an edge.

Read the full post here.

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