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#OnTheFly: 10 Greatest Hits of 2015

• ExcelinEd

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2015 was another great year #OnTheFly.

This year, The EdFly Blog published 197 posts—ranging from provocative perspectives on the opt-out movement to in-depth policy pieces and heartwarming parent testimonies on school choice. Stay tuned as we continue to showcase perspectives, victories and changes happening across the education reform landscape in 2016.

Without further ado, here is a recap of 2015’s greatest hits on The EdFly Blog!

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The Edfly Blog’s 10 Greatest Hits of 2015

Mississippi Mother: “I was not going to let my sons become yet another tragic statistic”
Debra Dye, Mississippi parent of two sons with dyslexia
My sons are intelligent, curious and creative. Their dyslexia does not define their abilities or their dreams. But sadly, not every child has the same opportunity to be as successful as possible in education and in life.

I wish I could opt out of writing this
Mike Thomas, Executive Speech Writer and Editor, ExcelinEd
I would like to opt-out of writing this blog, but alas I cannot. Because my boss would opt out of paying me. And my wife might opt out of having a deadbeat hanging around the house.  There are some things that just must be done.

The Futures of My Daughters Are Too Precious to Waste
Sheila Cargile, Mississippi parent of two daughters with sever hearing impairments
If you knew your local public school had no intention of meeting the needs of your child, what would you do? When I had this realization, I decided to advocate for change. Not just at the local level, but state-wide change.

There is an alternative to opting out
Wendy Rivera, Florida public school parent & CEO of the Multicultural Education Alliance
There are those who argue tests are unfair, that they put too much pressure on schools and children. But Florida shows that when held accountable, schools that once failed children can improve results dramatically. What is unfair is not preparing our kids to be successful after high school.

Florida AP Results Top Massachusetts
Mike Thomas, Executive Speech Writer and Editor, ExcelinEd
Florida just passed Massachusetts in the percent of high school graduates who have scored 3 or higher on an Advanced Placement exam, probably the biggest upset since the tortoise and the hare.

Will Oklahoma be OK or KO in 2030 and Beyond?
Dr. Matthew Ladner, Senior Advisor of Policy and Research, ExcelinEd
Oklahomans should feel the gravest possible level of concern. It is an unambiguous blessing to have multiple generations of Americans alive at the same time, but the American social welfare state is not prepared for it at either the state or federal level.

States Across the Nation Pursuing Education Savings Accounts
Adam Peshek, State Policy Director of School Choice, ExcelinEd
The key is customization. Education Savings Accounts allow parents to plan for their child’s unique needs. They create an entirely customized and flexible approach to education, where the ultimate goal is maximizing each child’s natural learning abilities.

Want your student to accomplish great things? Raise expectations, says this mom.
Cari Miller, Policy Director of K-3 Reading, ExcelinEd
Please raise your hand if you’re ready for the back-to-school craziness to start already. While I’m not ready for summer break to end just yet, I am excited to see how much my daughter Camryn will learn and accomplish throughout the coming school year.

Nevada Mom on ESAs: “The days of constant struggle and anxiety are behind us.”
Zavia Norman, Nevada parent sending two daughters to private school this year
My daughter Laila is happy when she goes to school. She has a smile when I pick her up. And I know that she is learning and is engaged in her classes while she is away. These simple blessings may seem trivial to some, but they are precious for my family. They are made possible, in part, because of an Education Savings Account.

Florida Principal: This Reading Policy Is Changing Lives
Eileen Castle, former Florida principal
When Florida adopted its K-3 reading policy in 2002, I was the principal of Lake Alfred Elementary in Polk County Florida. Our school had a diverse, economically challenged student population.

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