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New #ClassWithJeb Lessons in the Arts and Faith

• ExcelinEd

New #ClassWithJeb lessons are ready for teachers and students!

Check out the lessons below from Romero Britto, founder of the Happy Art Movement, and Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, for insightful and engaging lessons as well as accompanying teacher guides.

Watch Class in Session

Lessons in the Arts with Romero Britto

“Brazilian-born and Miami-made” founder of the Happy Art Movement, Romero Britto, shares his insights on his journey as an artist. He also talks about the significance of arts in education as well the importance of discipline and friends.

View the teacher’s guide.

Lessons in Faith with Cardinal Timothy Dolan

As a leader in the Catholic Church, Cardinal Timothy Dolan shares his insights into the importance of maintaining faith through the daily details of ordinary life. Cardinal Dolan shares what his life experiences have taught him—from his young life in St. Louis to becoming the Archbishop of New York and a cardinal of the Catholic Church.

View the teacher’s guide.

About Class in Session

Class in Session with Jeb Bush is a series of video conversations with the visionaries of today. Created specifically for secondary school students and relevant for the classroom, these 20-minute virtual conversations—hosted by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush—draw out personal and professional experiences and, especially important, elicit advice for America’s next generation from leaders across the nation. Learn more at

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