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Launching Today: ExcelinEd’s My School Information Design Challenge

• ExcelinEd

ExcelinEd invites you to join us in an exciting initiative as we attempt to reinvent the ways in which parents and other stakeholders consume and use school information!

Easy-to-find and easy-to-understand school information is a vital tool for making school accountability decisions, helping parents find the best educational options for their child, and engaging communities in important discussions about the academic challenges and opportunities facing their schools. That’s why federal law requires that all 50 states publish an annual report card for every public school in the state.

Unfortunately, creating an effective, accessible report card is incredibly difficult. Despite states’ best efforts, research indicates—and the experiences of far too many parents confirm—that many of today’s school report cards are:

  • Difficult to find;
  • Lacking in visual appeal;
  • Hard to understand;
  • Lacking in key pieces of data; and
  • Data rich and information poor.

ExcelinEd believes we can help states transform school report cards into the 21st century resource that parents deserve. However we know we need to utilize the talents of graphic designers – experts who have a unique ability to take data, transform it, and make it more valuable and usable.

That’s why, today, ExcelinEd in partnership with Getting Smart is launching My School Information Design Challenge, a national competition to rethink and redesign the way in which school performance data is presented, making it more understandable and more actionable for parents, policymakers, and the public at large. The competition offers prizes totaling up to $35,000 for designers who employ the latest strategies in data visualization to effectively reimagine the appearance, presentation, and usability of school report cards.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Read our Challenge Brief to learn more about why report cards matter and the design challenge we are attempting to solve.
  1. Visit our challenge website for all challenge details, including the submission timelines and requirements.
  1. Follow along with the #schoolinfo conversation here for the very latest on judges, questions from designers, and other developments.
  1. Spread the word! ExcelinEd hopes to attract top talent from numerous fields, including design, technology, education and parental advocacy. Encourage your friends and colleagues to enter the challenge.

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