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ICYMI: The Closing of Diane Ravitch’s Mind: A once-great education scholar rejects everything she previously believed

• ExcelinEd

“Once one of the conservative school-reform movement’s most visible faces, Ravitch became the inspirational leader of a radical countermovement that is rising from the grass roots to oppose the corporate villains. Evoking the civil rights movement and Martin Luther King, Ravitch proclaims that the only answer to the corporate school-reform agenda is to “build a political movement so united and clear in its purpose that it would be heard in every state Capitol and even in Washington, D.C.” The problem is that Ravitch’s civil rights analogy is misplaced; her new ideological allies have proved themselves utterly incapable of raising the educational achievement of poor minority kids.”

Sol Stern aptly describes Diane Ravitch’s transition from conservative school-reformer and careful scholar to radical progressive in his article in the most recent edition of The City Journal from the Manhattan Institute. Stern illuminates Ravitch’s years of insight on education reform focused around higher standards, rich academic content, and a free market for education which she drastically abandoned in recent years. Today, Ravitch denounces all previous ideas, criticizing “reformers for backing teacher evaluations based on student test scores, closing failing schools, expanding charter schools, and trying to impose a ‘nationalized’ Common Core curriculum on the states, among other policies.” Stern’s article astutely uncovers inconsistencies among Ravitch’s newfound views and holes in her education agenda. The article culminates with a critique of Ravitch’s most recent book, Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools as a political tract and threat to the work of education reformers.

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