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Florida grinches, ‘tis the season to #DropTheSuit

• ExcelinEd

Last week, school choice supporters in Florida received an early Christmas present. A Leon County Circuit Court judge rejected a request to end Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarship Program.

While this is welcomed news for the 77,000 Florida students using the scholarships to access an education that better meets their needs, the attack by unions on school choice is not quite over. This decision was just part of an ongoing and misguided lawsuit that claims that Florida’s school choice and accountability programs harm public schools.

Despite these attacks, Florida’s program remains a strong example of how school choice can change lives.

Since 2001, the Tax Credit Scholarship Program has empowered low-income families to send their children to private schools of their choosing. Far from hurting public education, this unique program enriches it by supporting parents as they pick the best possible education for their child.

Because, after all, public education should be about serving individual students, right?

As families of Tax Credit Scholarship students celebrate this minor victory, they are still faced with the possibility of being forced to remove their kids from their schools. That is, unless the Florida grinches decide to #DropTheSuit.

During the coming weeks centered on joy and family, take a moment to speak out for these parents and students to show them they’re not alone.

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