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ExcelinEd’s Top 7 Blog Posts of 2018

• Jennifer Diaz

Did you know that ExcelinEd provides frequent and timely information on public and private school choice, college and career pathways, next-generation learning, school accountability, early literacy, student-centered funding, state and national programs and more? ExcelinEd’s blog is THE place to go for all this great content!

Plus, our weekly #AskExcelinEd blog series takes a deep dive on the education news and policies making an impact on states, students and families right now.

Join us in 2019 as we tackle the issues, bring you thoughtful perspectives and continue to break down “the wonk” to improve education systems across the nation. I invite you to drop me a line to share what you’d like to hear more about in 2019.

For now, check out our top blogs of 2018. Happy reading!

Transitioning to Student-Centered Learning: Maximizing Assessment Flexibility Part 1

September 6, 2018 • Karla Phillips

As momentum builds for new student-centered learning models, so does the tension between the federal and state requirement to evaluate each student’s proficiency on grade-level standards once a year and the desire to break free of the traditional paradigms of time, place and pace…

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Some states approving, others rejecting, use of 529 savings plans for K-12 tuition

April 6, 2018 • Victoria Bell

Now, families can withdraw up to $10,000 each year per beneficiary to use for K-12 tuition, free of federal income tax. However, some state laws don’t automatically conform to the new federal law, and potential state tax implications must be taken into consideration…

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Charter Schools 101

October 26, 2018 • Sam Duell

ExcelinEd’s new Opportunity Learning Hub offers quick, efficient videos for people interested in policies that expand educational opportunity…

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What impact does a comprehensive K-3 Reading Policy have on 4th grade NAEP scores?

May 23, 2018 • Dr. Christy Hovanetz

Several states made greater improvements than the national average on their 2017 NAEP fourth-grade reading assessment. And it’s not just coincidental that these states also happened to prioritize early literacy by putting in place some key policies to address the literacy crisis…

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3 Steps to recruit the right stakeholders for Career and Technical Education

June 28, 2018 • Dr. Danielle Mezera

No other strand in K-12 education requires the ongoing engagement of a diverse set of stakeholders more than Career and Technical Education…

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#AskExcelinEd about Course Access Opportunity Incentives!

November 28, 2018 • Erin Lockett

Learner-centered education requires broad access to high-quality coursework. However, many states struggle to ensure all students have access to the courses they need to succeed…

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How a public charter school set me on the path to success in college

October 8, 2018 • Kamille Catala

Before I was born in North Carolina, my family lived in Puerto Rico where schooling was limited and with mainly poor options. My mom, who used to be a teacher, understood how important choosing a school for a child can be…

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About the author

Jennifer Diaz @Jennformative

Jennifer serves as the Vice President of Communications, providing strategic advice and leading ExcelinEd’s external communications and marketing efforts. Previously, Jennifer served as ExcelinEd’s National Director of Advocacy, supporting the Advocacy Team in their work with state leaders to develop and adopt legislation and policies that transform education to ensure students are prepared for success in college, career and life, and as ExcelinEd’s State Communications Director, coordinating media and strategic communications in key education reform states across the nation, including legislative session rapid response and long term policy and advocacy communication campaigns.