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#EIE19: Sessions on Educational Opportunities

• Cara Candal and Sam Duell


Welcome to our #AskExcelinEd series on the National Summit on Education Reform (#EIE19)! Follow along for sneak peeks at the can’t-miss conversations we have planned for #EIE19 taking place in San Diego, CA November 20-21.

Today, Cara Candal, ExcelinEd’s Director of Educational Opportunity, and Sam Duell, ExcelinEd’s Charter Schools Policy Director, highlight two strategy sessions covering how states have established high-quality private education choice, as well as how charter schools are developing great teachers. Enjoy! 

Creating the Best Conditions for High-Quality Private Education Choice

2019 was an exciting year for private school choice. Some states improved or expanded existing private school choice programs and others passed new laws that will allow families to create high-quality, customized educational experiences for their children.

How do you know when your state is ready to establish high-quality private education choice? Explore how to assess community needs, customize solutions, cultivate political interest in matching solutions to needs—and get private school choice done right. Find out how states have established and grown private school choice programs, with the lessons policymakers and advocates learned along the way.

Experts from three different states will describe the local conditions that enabled private school choice in their communities and explain what makes high-quality programming and what to consider in implementation. This panel is a must for policymakers and others who are interested in growing and expanding equitable and accessible private school choice programs in their states.

How Charter Schools Are Developing Great Teachers

To address gaps in teaching talent, some public charter schools are supporting teacher recruitment and development by creating independent graduate schools of education. Explore how state-level policies can support charter schools in this effort and how independent graduate school leaders are expanding the pool of high-quality educators in their states.

Keep an eye on our #EIE19 Agenda in the coming weeks for complete details on panelists and sessions. See you in San Diego in November!

About the authors

Cara Candal

Cara Candal serves as Director of Educational Opportunity, focusing on private school choice, for ExcelinEd. Cara has spent the last 10 years working in education policy as a Senior Fellow with both Pioneer Institute and the Center for Education Reform. She was also a founding team member of the National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education (NAATE) and a research assistant professor at Boston University in the Department of Educational Leadership and Development. Cara has authored/edited more than 25 papers and three books on education policy. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Indiana University, a Masters of Arts in Social Science from the University of Chicago and a Doctorate of Education from Boston University.

Sam Duell

Before Sam joined ExcelinEd as the Associate Policy Director for Charter Schools, he was a special education teacher, a school and central office administrator, the Executive Director of School Choice at Oklahoma’s department of education and the Managing Director of OPSRC’s Education Collaborative. In every position, Sam worked creatively to meet student needs. He founded the Integrated Support Program at Fischer Middle School in San Jose, California to increase the number and percentage of students with learning disabilities who have access to the general education classroom. He was the first administrator of Oklahoma’s Statewide Virtual Charter School Board, the authorizer for online schools in Oklahoma. And he co-founded a statewide afterschool network called the Oklahoma Partnership for Expanded Learning to organize and advocate for expanded learning opportunities after school and during the summer. Sam’s current interests include charter schools and their role in a functional, thriving democracy.