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Education Savings Accounts News Roundup

• ExcelinEd

Education Savings Accounts are a signature policy for ExcelinEd, and we are working closely with state leaders across the country in developing, replicating and effectively implementing this game-changing, student-centered school choice option.

When Nevada governor Brian Sandoval signed into law the nation’s first universal school-choice program earlier this month, he set off a flurry of press and opinions around Education Savings Accounts.

Checkout this roundup of pieces for some great reads on this exciting new program, and stay tuned for more information and news on this exciting policy!

Nevada Enacts Universal School Choice

National Review
Lindsey Burke, Will Skillman Fellow in Education Policy at the Heritage Foundation.
June 8, 2015

…Instead of being assigned to brick-and-mortar schools based on their parents’ ZIP codes, students can instead have their state funds deposited into an ESA. Parents can then craft a learning plan that matches best to the unique learning styles and needs of their children.

Perhaps that means Johnny spends the morning at a private school, and then in the afternoon gets private instruction in algebra from a tutor who meets him at home. At night, Johnny takes a dual-enrollment college course online. Continue reading…

Nevada Places a Bet on School Choice

Wall Street Journal
Clint Bolick, Vice President for Litigation at the Goldwater Institute
June 14, 2015

…The emergence of education savings accounts may mark the beginning of the end for an ossified education-delivery system that is has changed little since the 19th century. It begins an important shift of government from a monopoly provider of education into an enabler of education in whatever form or forum it most benefits the child. Continue reading…

All States Should Emulate Nevada’s Universal School Choice Plan

The Daily Caller
Lance Izumi, Senior Director of Education Studies at the Pacific Research Institute
June 9, 2015

…Giving all parents, regardless of their income level, the opportunity to choose the best education for their children makes sense, not only because many middle-class parents, struggling from paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet, don’t have the resources to afford private-school tuition or tutoring services, but also because many public schools are failing to raise the performance of middle-class students. Nevada is a perfect example. Continue reading…

Nevada Education Accounts…Not Your Father’s School Choice Program

The Daily Signal
Lindsey Burke, Will Skillman Fellow in Education Policy at the Heritage Foundation.
June 9, 2015

…Education savings accounts represent school choice 2.0. Vouchers were the rotary phones of school choice—a necessary step but not the final destination. Education savings accounts are the smartphones. “We are heading in the direction of iPhone choice programs—they still do that one thing well, but they also do a lot of other things,” said Dr. Matthew Ladner, senior fellow at the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Continue reading…

Nevada’s ESA program first of its kind
Mary Tillotson, National Education Reporter for
June 9, 2015

… Sen. Scott Hammond, R-Las Vegas, public school teacher of more than 15 years, sponsored the bill. Hammond, who also coaches basketball, said he expects the program will help schools improve… “Competition brings out the best in people. I wanted the opportunity for people to go where they felt like they were going to get the best education for their child and raise the bar that way.” Continue reading…

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